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Non-Touristy England - Travel Diary

Spent a month exploring the wonderful neighbourhoods, museums, art galleries, and restaurants of London and its surrounding cities.


A perfect sunny day on Brighton's pebble beach. About an hour train from London, Brighton serves as the perfect getaway for a day trip from the fast-paced city of London.

Visit the Brighton Pier arcade, get a pint and watch the beautiful sunset!


One of my favourite neighbourhoods is Chelsea. Luckily it was a 20-minute walk from home, which led to multiple visits! Loved the galleries, shops and restaurants around Sloane Square.

Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea

@jr was one of the most impactful exhibitions I've been to in a long long time. Highly recommend this place to anyone visiting!

Restaurants of Chelsea

Post the gallery visit I'd recommend a short walk to Cadogan Gardens for an amazing vegan lunch!

The Royal Academy of Arts

The Burlington Arcade is a short walk from Green Park Station and has multiple exhibits going on round the year. I was fortunate enough to get a look at art by David Hockney during my visit there!

There is nothing food can't solve!

A few images of beautiful food and drinks that you can grab while walking around the city.

Also, visit the weekend Camden Market for amazing pop-up stalls.

Photo London 2021

One of the most fortunate coincidences of my trip was being there at the same time as Photo London. I got to go around 4 wings and 4 floors of the most diverse photo work represented by the best galleries from all around the world under one roof.

Go see the incredible dinosaur at the Natural History Museum and there are no two ways about it.

The incredible Van Gogh immersive experience is being showcased across several different countries.

The one museum where I was more interested in seeing the architecture of the place rather than what is inside. As the sun moves so do these gorgeous shadow patterns at the British Museum!

Victoria, London

The unpredictable weather of London, rains for 15 minutes and the sun comes shining!

Pastel Coloured Houses of Notting Hill

Go beyond portobello road or the bookstore. So as nerdy as it may be I found a self-guided Google Maps walking tour of Notting Hill! Some amazing person created a google map with about 20 stops to see every corner and it provided for as thorough an experience as I could have wished for.

The Tube

The best way to get around in the city! Walk or take the tube, and to be safe see it, say it, sorted!

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