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  • Palak Mittal

A Maldivian Vacation to Remember-Travel Diary

During my trip to the Maldives in 2019, I had the opportunity to stay at South Ari Atoll, which is known for its excellent diving spots, delicious food, and breathtaking views.

My mornings and evenings were centred around diving, and I have to say, the experience was unforgettable. With a team of expert divers, I was able to explore the coral reefs and swim alongside exotic marine creatures such as sea turtles, stingrays, and colourful schools of fish. The serene and tranquil environment under the sea made for an awe-inspiring experience.

Apart from diving and food, the stunning views and the long walks by the beach were some of the highlights of my trip. The island's picturesque landscape, with its white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and lush greenery, made for a beautiful backdrop for my walks. The sunset views were particularly stunning, with the orange and red hues of the sun casting a magical spell over the landscape. The Maldives is truly a paradise on earth!

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