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Tamil Nadu & Karnataka Travel Diary

As you scroll from the first image to the last, my travel journey is reflected, starting with the monumental Adiyogi in Coimbatore. From Coimbatore I travelled to Ooty, roughly a three hour drive. You'll see pictures of the gorgeous (also rumored to be haunted) Fernhill Royal Palace, originally a summer retreat for the King of Mysore. Next we took the toy train from Ooty to Coonoor. From Coonoor we drove to the Wellington Gymkhana Club where we got beer with a magnificent view of the golf course. From there we headed to La Belle Vie for lunch!

Next day we left from Ooty to Kabini, the part of the trip I was most excited for. We stayed at the gorgeous Serai resort, took multiple road and river safaris and even a coracle ride! We had some beautiful sightings, my favorite was with the elephant couple. The sheer joy of watching this couple walk towards the river from the forest and drink water. It felt magical! We also witnessed a pregnant tigress sunbathing, where I got lucky and got the shot of the peacock crossing by. Giving me the perfect frame showing the national animal and the national bird together. I think the most unexpected sighting was the leopard on our river safari. Firstly, it was so hard for me to spot him. He completely camouflages, the sad part was that I was guided by saying, 'look next to the green plastic bottle.' Also I photographed multiple deer, my never ending fascination with them but they are just so cute!

Next we headed from Kabini to Bangalore and that part of the trip consisted of only two things, shopping and dining! Pictures are from the beautiful Bangalore Club and Bowring Institute. With a short stay in Bangalore we made our way back to Delhi!

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